Indian exchange graduates feel ‘on top of the world’

Three international students are celebrating their success after graduating with postgraduate degrees from Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Akhil Kamath, Deborah Jason and Swatik MahendraAkhil Kamath, Deborah Jason and Swatik Mahendra, who are all 25, have graduated with an in MSc Sports Biomechanics after spending the final year of their studies in Aberdeen.

The students have studied at RGU for the year as part of an exchange programme with Manipal University in India. They graduated at Aberdeen Music Hall alongside their classmates on Tuesday, December 9.

Reflecting on their time in the Granite City, the students said they have enjoyed their time in Aberdeen and are now looking forward to using their degree for further study or to start their careers.

Akhil is looking to start his career in the field of Sports Biomechanics and Physiotherapy now that he has completed his studies.

He said: “It feels great to graduate with a masters’ degree from RGU and make my parents proud. This year has been a lot of hard work and it feels great to have achieved this success.

“The course offers a unique blend of an upcoming field of sports biomechanics and physiotherapy which sparked my interest in the exchange programme.

“Becoming oriented with one of the best biomechanics labs along with the software and its practical uses will always be the highlight of my studies at RGU.

Deborah Jason was attracted to the MSc Sports Biomechanics course through a life-long love of sport and training techniques.

She said: “I feel on top of the world being able to achieve this level of success. The course is closely linked with elite sports athletes and their training so we’ve gained a lot of practical experience throughout the year.

“I’m planning to continue my studies with a PhD programme soon to building upon the skills and experiences I’ve gained during the course.”

Fellow student Swatik Mahendra was drawn to the course by the academic challenges and career opportunities it provides.

He said: “My interest in understanding complex human movements attracted me to the course. It gives me immense satisfaction to have understood the complexities of human motion analysis and its description in numerical and graphical form.

“The knowledge around the nuances of technologies used to measure human motion is extraordinary and I look forward to using this along with my knowledge of physiotherapy to help enhance sports athletes’ performance.”

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Ross AndersonCommunications Officer | Health and Sport