Gray’s graduate returns with mammoth painting exhibition

A graduate of Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Gray’s School of Art is returning with an exhibition which features a painting for every day of the year.

Shona BowenShona Bowen’s ‘366…..A PROJECT’ came about through her lifelong interest in painting and recording the landscape and in her preferred method of recording it through direct observation.

The exhibition is on display for staff and students until Thursday, March 9, when Shona will be guest of honour at a special closing event.

Shona, who was born in Kemnay and grew up in Montrose, works as art technician at Stewart's Melville College in Edinburgh.

The exhibition features landscapes from across the UK, including The Montrose basin, Aberlady bay, Pembroke coastal path and Pembrey cycle path in Wales, as well as some paintings from a holiday in America.

Shona commented: “As I got into the project, it quickly became apparent that this would not be as straight forward as I had at first anticipated and after a while I found that I had to incorporate catch-up days due to travelling.

“Taking on this project and having a goal has been of enormous benefit to me. It gave me a structure, a framework within which to work and as it progressed.

“I realised that I had to be prepared to adapt slightly and not be put off if I couldn’t stick to the plan. I could still achieve my aim, albeit slightly amended from the original concept. By doing this, I achieved a body of work upon which I can reflect and plan ahead.”

The RGU alumnus is looking forward to coming back to where it all started and will impart some of her experiences with the current Painting students.

“I have always maintained a link with Gray’s and regularly attend the degree show, probably because it is so strong in painting and drawing.

“It will be great to have my work on display and hopefully it might inspire some of the existing talent studying at the school.”

Keith Grant, Head of Painting at Gray’s School of Art, added: “Shona and I were undergraduates together and even at that time her preference was to be outdoors working in the landscape.

“To have sustained this project over the course of a year is a significant achievement and a lot more difficult that it may at first appear.

“I hope that everyone who sees the show will take the time to enjoy the subtle differences that Shona has observed and the changes in the landscape that she has managed to capture with the concise deftness that is required when working ‘plein-air’.”


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer | Design and Technology
Press and Media Enquiries