Good News Comes in Threes for Aberdeen Doctors

For the first time in several years, the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Robert Gordon University saw three of its postgraduate research students graduate with doctorates at the same time.

Audrey-Andrew-and-Jenny.jpgMs Audrey Stephen, Andrew McKie, and Jerry Ninnoni all from Aberdeen, have carried out doctoral studies on a range of topics and were pleased to have reached the end of a long and, at times arduous, journey at their afternoon graduation ceremony on 12 July.

For her PhD, Audrey (49), whose background is in general adult nursing, studied bereavement care for older people in healthcare services. She carried out an interview study with staff in hospital wards, general practice and community nursing, and care homes as well as with bereaved older people. Analysis of collected data led to development of guidelines for staff to use to inform their practice. Funding was provided by The Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government through a Research Training Fellowship award. This fellowship also allowed Audrey to develop her knowledge and skills through a self directed training programme in research methods. Audrey hopes to develop her career as a researcher in the Institute for Health and Welfare Research at Robert Gordon University.

Andrew (53) has a background in the School of teaching, scholarship and research in the areas of mental health nursing, ethics and use of the arts and humanities in professional health care education. His PhD studies, in the areas of ethical practice and ethical education, developed these interests. His study explored the impact of reading literature and poetry on the ethical practice of student nurses. Narratives of student nurses and nurse teachers indicated the need for more eclectic frameworks for ethical practice to be adopted in nurse education curricula. Andrew hopes to develop these themes through part-time membership of the Institute for Health and Welfare Research.

Jerry (35) is originally from Ghana but has lived in Aberdeen for the last 9 years. Jerry's educational background comprises a diploma in pharmaceutical studies and a degree in mental health nursing. His PhD focussed on people with mild learning difficulties with epilepsy. Jerry explored service users' and carers' views and experiences of communication with health and social care professionals. Jerry now looks forward to a career in health services research, in particular exploring user involvement, public and social policy research.


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