Four is the magic number for Huntly graduates

A group of four friends from Huntly have graduated with Masters in engineering degrees on the same day, having spent the last 10 years side-by-side through school and University.

Alan Anderson (22), Cameron Dean (21), Charles Stewart (22) and Lewis Lovie (22) all attended The Gordon Schools in Huntly and it was their love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects which helped bond their friendship.

The group used to take part in inter-school engineering challenges, such as STEM in the Pipeline and the PetroChallenge, where the decision to study engineering was cemented.

Alan, who gained his MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said: “I enjoyed maths, physics, technological studies and computing at the school, and wanted to learn more – I was attracted to the fact that by studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering I would be able to enhance my knowledge of all these subjects.

“In addition to this I was involved in numerous engineering team challenges along with Cameron, Charles and Lewis and these encouraged me to go on to study engineering.”

All four of the graduates, three of whom lived together throughout University, completed the fast-track scheme, which allowed them to complete their studies in four years, instead of the usual five.

Cameron, who alongside Charles and Lewis completed his MEng Mechanical and Offshore Engineering, said: “We all completed a fast track Masters degree which involved completing full time summer placements through our sponsoring companies in third and fourth year while also completing two other modules at the same time. This was challenging at times but it has paid off being finished a year earlier than normal.

“The course was tough at times, but also rewarding when the hard work pays off. I've also met many good friends throughout the course which made university much more enjoyable.”

Lewis, who has just returned from a month backpacking in Asia, found the course format to be engaging and contextual to a real-life environment.

“I found my time at university to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience,” he said.

“I enjoyed the fact that the course included a lot of group project work, practical work and computer based learning. This kept me more engaged and provided many skills which are applicable to real-world scenarios.”

And the group of friends plan to remain close after graduation, with geography proving no barrier to their strong friendship.

Charles said: “I don’t think there is any chance of our group splitting up. We have been the best of friends for years and although Alan has moved to Glasgow with his new job, we will be making sure to meet up all together whenever we have the opportunity.”


Release by Rob Smith

Communications Officer | Design and Technology
Press and Media Enquiries