Former students raise awareness of antibiotic resistance

A team of Robert Gordon University (RGU) Pharmacy graduates returned to campus to mark World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

(L to R): Linsey Muir, Heather Wright, Katie Forbes, Michelle WongThe World Health Organisation uses the week to raise awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers and policy makers.

Unnecessary antibiotic usage over the years has seen antibiotic resistance become a growing threat. It has seen antibiotics become less effective and increased the danger of routine treatments.

Recent RGU graduates Katie Forbes, Heather Wright and Linsey Muir, along with University of Nottingham graduate Michelle Wong, have been carrying out a community project to guide students on how to fight infections without antibiotics.

The project has been put together as part of their pre-registration training and saw them handing out information and interacting with individuals on campus.

Katie Forbes said: “We have aimed to educate the student community about antibiotic use and how, if used inappropriately, they can become less effective.

“Part of our approach was to encourage people to sign up to become an Antibiotic Guardian. This involves signing a pledge online that they will do their small part to help save these vital medicines from becoming obsolete.”

Dr Ruth Edwards, MPharm Course Leader at RGU, said: “There are increasing numbers of antibiotics that are becoming ineffective due to resistance of bacterial organisms, often due to overuse and misuse. Not completing courses of antibiotics and prescribing too low doses or for too short a period of time allows stronger, more virulent bacteria to flourish and encourages development of resistance.”

“There are plenty of infections that our bodies can fight off on their own, like coughs, colds and sore throats. By steering away from overusing antibiotics, we can preserve this precious resource.

“It was very heartening to see our recent graduates promote this vital cause and I am certain they will continue to have a positive influence on antibiotic resistance going forward.”

For more information on becoming an Antibiotic Guardian, click here.

Release by Jonathon Milne
Communications Officer | Health and Sport
Press and Media Enquiries