Forensic expert returns to the scene of her studies at RGU

A talented forensics expert returned to Robert Gordon University (RGU) recently to give a keynote lecture to students on digital evidence.

Laura Fairley (23) graduated from RGU in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) in Forensic and Analytical Science.Laura Fairley (23) graduated from RGU in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) in Forensic and Analytical Science.

Since then she has been working for ‘Return To Scene’, an Aberdeen-based company which provides cutting edge digital support to forensic science agencies.

Laura works as a Forensic Consultant and uses powerful ‘R2S’ software produced by the company, and developed by former police and forensic staff, which provides a powerful investigative, briefing and court presentation tool.

Her lecture to the first year Forensic students included a range of different topics such as Scene Captures utilising the R2S software, 3D Bodymapping, Movement Data and CCTV Enhancements.

Laura said: “I was in the students’ position six years ago and understand how important it is to see what you are learning being used in real life scenarios.

“It was great to show the students the advancement in technology available to us and demonstrate the different ways that complex forensic evidence can be presented in an accessible way.

Return To Scene is an exciting place to work and I hope that I have shown the students another potential career path utilising their area of study.”

RGU Forensic and Analytical Science lecturer Stuart Waddell invited Laura to speak to the students in November.

He said: “I worked as a forensic chemist for six years before joining RGU and in that time it became clear that the technologies involved in the field evolve quickly in order to provide more reliable evidence to the courts.

“The Forensic and Analytical Science team here at RGU are committed to staying at the forefront of the important developments and passing that experience on to our students. 

“The R2S programme is widely used by practitioners in our field so I was keen for students to learn more about it. As Laura is an RGU forensic graduate, she was the obvious choice, and I was really pleased she was able to provide her input to the course.

“The feedback from students has been very positive and it’s been great to showcase the latest technology experts are using in the field.”

RGU’s Forensic and Analytical Science course invites a range of speakers to meet students throughout the year who work in the field specialist areas including: blood pattern analysis, crime scene investigation, handwriting analysis and fingerprint identification.

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