Food on Film: Student society uncovers food industry facts

A new student society will premier an informative film this Wednesday (15 December) at 6pm which explores the facts and secrets behind the food industry.

The Slow Food RGU (SFRGU) society was established this year as part of the wider Slow Food movement which promotes the importance of good, clean and fair food as a basic right for everyone.

Followers of the movement believe that food should be produced in a way which respects the environment, human health and animal welfare, and that food producers are paid a fair wage.

With these aims in mind, members of the student society have created a documentary which explores the food industry’s secrets – specifically information that Slow Food followers believe is hidden for a reason.  Ultimately, they have created the film to allow anyone interested to come along and discover what Slow Food is all about.

SFRGU member, Katherine Wood said:  “The food industry is vast today, as it has to be, to provide for demanding consumers. As expectations and costs rise, consumers are always looking for a bargain, but we ask the important question – ‘At who’s cost’?

“We believe in exposing these truths about the food industry and hope that members of the public will come and see some of these core facts for themselves.”

SFRGU will premier their informative film on Wednesday 15th December at the University’s St Andrews St building, top floor, in room C47.  The free showing starts at 6pm.  

Andrew Youngson
Communications Officer

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