Dream job is 15 years in the making for midwife Andrea

When Andrea Lawrie gave birth to her first child 15 years ago the care and support she received from her midwives inspired her to aim for a career in the profession.

Andrea Lawrie with husband Thane and sons Tom and Hugh.Andrea (42) realised her dream today (Thursday, July 11) when she graduated with a Bachelor of Midwifery with Distinction from Robert Gordon University (RGU).

The mother of two, who recently started her new career as a midwife at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, worked as a legal secretary for 20 years after she left Westhill Academy and combined bringing up her family with full-time university studies.

It’s a particularly proud achievement for the Newtonhill resident who lives as she was taught at RGU by one of the midwives who facilitated her care during the homebirth of Hugh in 2004.

Andrea said: “I was impressed by the midwives who provided my care during both my pregnancies, not least by the care provided by Anne Marie Rennie and Carol Hinchcliffe who both facilitated my care during my homebirth with my second child.  After this, I was convinced I wanted to be a midwife but chose to wait until my youngest son Hugh went to school before I began my studies.”

Andrea was re-united with Anne Marie who was also a Midwifery Lecturer at RGU’s School of Nursing and Midwifery in the Faculty of Health and Social Care and contributed towards her development over the last three years.

“Anne Marie has been a real inspiration to me,” Andrea said. “I wanted to become a midwife after seeing her in action and with her support I have realised my dream. I am delighted that 15 years on, I now have my much longed for degree in midwifery and look forward to supporting mothers and families in the way I was supported.”

As well as combining full-time study with bringing up her family, Andrea also represented student midwives in Scotland during her time at RGU by becoming Scottish rep for the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). This involved attending regular meetings in London and as well as planning and presenting at the RCM annual student conferences.

Andrea added: “In order for midwives to offer the very best care they need to develop innovative practice, progress their professional education and utilise research. Now that I have my degree I plan to combine work as a midwife with further study and research in the field.”

Anne Marie also joined Andrea to celebrate her graduation at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen. “Andrea had a very special homebirth,” Anne Marie said. “She not only had a beautiful baby when I first met her, but the experience inspired her to pursue a career in midwifery and we now celebrate the graduation of an inspirational and compassionate midwife.”

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