Degree with merit for busy Ellon dad

Juggling his studies with full-time work and family commitments has paid off for one Ellon student who graduated with merit from Robert Gordon University (RGU) yesterday (Tues, Dec 9).

Martin ParkMartin Park (39) graduated with an MSc Drilling and Well Engineering degree at Aberdeen’s Music Hall, watched by his proud wife and two children, four years after he started the distance learning course.

He said: “The last four years have been very challenging as I have had to juggle work, studies and family. In my current role as a senior operations manager with Enventure Global Technology I manage company operations across Europe, Africa and India which entails lots of regular travel and often phone calls throughout the night.

“At the start of the course I decided to be disciplined and do a minimum of two hours study every day during the week and a half day at the weekend. As I spend a lot of time on planes, I would always take this as an opportunity to study, particularly on long haul flights - a 10 hour flight to Houston was great just before an exam.

“It meant that after work, study, kids and football I would have around one hour per day to relax which was quite tough to sustain.”

Martin added: “The distance learning course worked very well for me due to the ability to link into the online portal at any time or place. This allowed students of all backgrounds and geographical location to communicate on a regular basis and when there was lots of interaction, it was much easier to understand many of the topics.

“Although I have been in the industry for more than 20 years, I have learned more in the last four than in the previous 16. I communicate with clients on a daily basis and I could see a huge improvement in my knowledge early into the MSc which helped me with my day job. I would recommend the course to anyone in the drilling side of the business, regardless of whether they want the MSc.”

Now that the course is finished, Martin is looking forward to spending more time with his family and using what he has learnt at university to progress his career. He also has his sights set on a new challenge.

“I have also always wanted to learn another language,” he said. “So come January 2015 I hopefully will be learning French.”  

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Jenny RushCommunications Officer | Design and Technology