Collieston art student to unveil work at Aberdeen exhibition

A Collieston art student has explored what it means to be human today in a series of paintings which will be unveiled in Aberdeen later this month.

Paolo Doyle Degree Show 2016Paolo Doyle (53) will see his work displayed at the Gray’s School of Art Degree Show, which runs from June 18 to 25.

The former ecologist had nursed a life-long dream to study painting professionally and the exhibition will be the culmination of his studies which he began in 2012.

He said: “The four years at Gray's have been fantastic. I have enjoyed all of it immensely. I am proud to have been a part of one of the best painting courses in the country for a short time.

“I have two regrets - that the time doing the course has gone so fast; and that it took me so long to find the circumstances to allow me to pursue art full-time, which I've wanted to do since a young boy. I have a lot of time to make up.”

In his work, Paolo is interested in exploring paintings which may have a subversive or ambiguous element which can provoke dialogue – work which purports to have certain narratives or concepts but, with deeper analysis, may actually be about other things.

He said: “Although much of my previous work has been politically or socially motivated, latterly, I have started to question my own situation - how do I fit in and relate to the world around me? Why am I doing what I do, and how does it affect people and events around me? My background as an ecologist also creeps in to my work even though I may not intend it to.

Paolo Doyle Degree Show 2016“Unlike most of my previous work, the degree show exhibition is very personal to me. As well as questioning my own place it attempts to express the feelings I have of being in my current situation. I try to paint in a way which allows a number of different narratives to be constructed by the viewer.”

All of Paolo’s work is oil on canvas and he will have five paintings on display at the Degree Show. After graduating, he hopes to undertake a Master degree at Gray’s as well as establish himself as a self-employed artist, working from his studio in Collieston.

He added: “A group of us from this year's graduates are forming an east-coast collective and aim to exhibit together and help each other to get established. We already have some shows in the pipeline.”

The Gray’s School of Art Degree Show, which is sponsored by BP for the thirteenth year, runs from June 18 to 25 and will showcase work by students of all disciplines.

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