Christmas shoppers can enjoy students' 3D take on contemporary beauty

Students in the third year of the 3D Design course at Gray's School of Art are holding an exhibition at The Academy Shopping Centre in Aberdeen this weekend showing their take on contemporary beauty.

The exhibition will open to the public tomorrow (18 December), continuing until Monday 21 December. The 13 students taking part have been asked to produce something that could either be worn on the body or placed in the home as an ornament. They have taken inspiration from nature, urban environments, nostalgia and even haiku poetry. The eclectic mix of objects to be exhibited include glass, metal jewellery and ceramics.

Roisin Mannion (20) from Blackness Road, Dundee, is one of the students taking part. Her work embodies a sense of nostalgia, making clear links with the vintage styles of 100 years ago and she has used a range of objects to create her exhibit, including an old lace table cloth and even synthetic hair! Her final piece is a mask that covers half of a person's face and the idea behind it is that you could use it as a disguise if you weren't confident about your own beauty.

She explains: "I feel I was born 70 years too late. The biggest influence in my work is the timeless and elegant style which thrived during the early 1900s. I think the synthetic hair in my display gives my work a contemporary edge, though, as this is crucial in today's society. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of response my exhibit gains from the public."

The work of Ashley Morris (19) from Keig, near Alford, is also to be featured in the exhibition. She has taken inspiration from the beauty of the landscape that surrounds her home, looking at photographs she has taken and the intricate design nature has on trees and plants. She has created an intriguing brooch design by photo-etching on copper and then adding to this.

She says: "I have always been interested in jewellery making and I am constantly being inspired by the area around me. The piece I have made is very personal to me as all the photos I have used to develop this idea were taken of my favourite places in Keig."

Gordon Burnett, Joint Subject Leader for the 3D Design course at Gray's, comments: "This event highlights the students' creative and professional abilities in organising and presenting this innovative exhibition."