Career ‘blasts off’ for engineering graduate after international competition at NASA Space Centre

An Aberdeen graduate was the youngest in his class to achieve his honours degree after a busy four years which has seen him take part in an international ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) competition at the NASA Space Centre in the US whilst helping to run the family business.

Bilal Goheer Electronic & Electrical EngineeringBilal Goheer (22) from King Street, Aberdeen graduated with a BEng (Hons) Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Robert Gordon University’s School of Engineering on Friday 13 July.

Bilal’s graduation will be the culmination of a hectic four years for the student who has combined studying full-time and taking part in international competitions with managing his father’s Indian take-away restaurant and 24hour newsagent shop.

He comments: “From a young age, it was a hobby of mine to play around with electronic equipment and ever since seeing my elder brother Imran graduate with an engineering degree, I knew it was the career choice for me.”

During his studies, Bilal was selected twice as the only Electronic & Electrical Engineer to represent the University team at the annual Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) ROV design challenge in Hilo, Hawaii in 2010 and at the NASA Space Centre in Houston, Texas in 2011.

During the Hawaii finals, Bilal designed and built the control system of the team’s ROV and won two major honours at the competition – Best Designed Underwater Vehicle and the Best Pilot Award.

He continues: “The course at RGU allowed me to fully understand how control systems are made to work and operate. The opportunity to practically apply the electronic and electrical design learned in class to underwater ROV’s and subsea control systems in the competition was great experience.

“In my career, I hope to specialise in developing subsea control systems for the oil and gas sector. Competing in the finals allowed me to focus on creating an automated depth control system for the vehicle which has given me a detailed knowledge of ROVs I have been able to recount in job interviews. I would encourage all students to take part in extra-curricular activities related to their course as these really enhance your employability.”

This was not the first RGU graduation for the Goheer family, with twin brother Kamran graduating in 2011 with a First Class Honours Degree in Computer Network Management and Design. Eldest brother Imran is also now pursuing an MSc in Software Engineering at the University.

“My entire family have been extremely supportive during my studies. As our restaurant and shop are a family business with full-time commitments, I really appreciate the time I’ve been allowed off to study and achieve my goals.”

Bilal, who currently works for Andrews Survey as a junior offshore Survey Engineer specialising in GPS positioning and deep water acoustic measurement, has secured a full-time graduate position with Aker Solutions as an Electronic & Electrical/Instrumentation and Control Engineer starting in August.

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