Awards come in threes for Dr Amish

Dr Mohamed Amish, Development Leader of the Sonatrach programme, was presented with three commemorative awards on three separate occasions this year, by Sonatrach senior management and students, for his exceptional hard work and contribution over the past 18 months.

Dr Amish Award 2Since 2004, Univation and Robert Gordon University have secured training contracts worth over £5 million with Sonatrach, the Algerian National Oil Company, which include the delivery of a number of important education and training programmes through Sonatrach's in-house training organisation, the Algerian Petroleum Institute SPA (IAP) at Boumerdes.

Dr Amish, who was commended for the impressive quality of the programme says, "I was delighted to be presented with three commemorative awards by Dr Kamel Boukerrou, the Director of IAP on behalf of all Sonatrach, IAP and students to thank me for my contribution to the young future Sonatrach engineers and the Robert Gordon University for our efforts throughout the course."

Since graduating from the School of Engineering in 2004 with a PhD, Dr Amish has been working at the University as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of the Sonatrach programme, specialising in Well Engineering Fundamentals, Drilling Technology, Reservoir Engineering and co-ordinating MSc Energy Projects.With 17 years of industrial experience in the oil and gas industry, Dr Amish has an extensive knowledge base, which he has applied to "effectively shape the future of the industry by equipping the engineers of the future with the necessary skills."

Dr Amish's significant role in the development of the programme is evident by the "positive and excellent" feedback from external examiners as well as in the report from Sonatrach managers and IAP management, which commended the excellent performance of the students.

He concludes, "This achievement from the Sonatrach Corporate Programme has confirmed that the strategy developed by Professors Mike Pittilo and John Harper, has impacted very effectively and positively on the development of the Energy Corporate Programmes, and thereby on the University's strategic direction."