Atkins continues scholarship support as it reaches its third year

Seven students across Scotland have scooped the latest share of Atkins' £140,000 Scholarship Scheme as it goes into its third year of supporting and investing in young talent.

The Atkins Scholarship Scheme was launched to help create a fresh pool of oil and gas talent in Scotland.

One of the most far reaching of its kind in the country, it provides a unique and much needed support network to engineering and business students at Scotland's top five universities and key colleges, including Banff and Buchan College.

Atkins, a world leading engineering and design consultancy, provides two scholarship awards:

• The Atkins Engineering Scholarship which is open to third year students and is awarded to: University of Aberdeen, University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and University of Strathclyde. Students receive £2,000 each year until they graduate.
• The Fiona Fuller Business Scholarship is presented to students at Robert Gordon University. They are awarded £1,000 in their third year and £2,000 in their final year.
• Full time, second year students at Banff and Buchan College in Fraserburgh are also eligible to apply for £500 of support under the business scholarship.

Steve Fogg, Managing Director of Atkins in Aberdeen, said: "Once again the calibre of awardees, at both college and university level, is extremely encouraging and backs up exactly why we created such a scheme. As we strive to tackle an industry-wide skills gap that is only increasing it is refreshing to see a group that is so passionate and enthusiastic and extremely worthy of support.

"Being able to mentor through the provision of Atkins work placements, in addition to financial support, is proving to be a beneficial mix as we watch our awardees grow and make key decisions at such an important stage of their careers."

Atkins ScholarshipRGU student, Caitlin Bissett, 21, who is about to complete a BA (Hons) in Management, has been involved with the scheme since last year. She has been working closely with Atkins' Consultancy Director, Conor Crowley, who has helped build the scholarship programme, for her dissertation.

She commented: "I feel very lucky to have had such fantastic support from Atkins throughout my studies. For my dissertation I decided to look into the communication and personnel factors following an acquisition which Atkins was perfectly equipped to comment on.

"Conor has been a brilliant help, setting up interviews with staff and generally providing me with an invaluable insight which has undoubtedly influenced my future career plans.

"Having had such great contact with Atkins, I feel privileged that I am now in a position to approach them for career advice and have access to such a great support network, even once the scheme ends for me."
RGU student, Petra Kosova, 22, from Czech Republic, said: "As a Management and HR student, Atkins is providing me with a great opportunity to seek out fantastic industry contacts, plus I hope to receive a placement opportunity from them this summer.

"I am beginning to think about the future and how I can appeal to potential employers and this scheme is providing me with the support to get that much needed step ahead of the competition."

Conor Crowley, Atkins' Consultancy Director, added: "This year has really shown us how the scholarships can be a real win-win. With Caitlin's dissertation, we have received a timely and informative case study of how we handled the vital aspect of communication during our transition into Atkins, and we will take the learnings from this into our future acquisitions.

"And this summer we will have two engineering students and a business studies student in the office to assist and develop our programmes, seeing what real work is like and assisting us in developing the processes for our engineering and business work. They will be joined in September by the first of our scholars to graduate and come work with us. We look forward to telling many more of these stories in the future."

The successful students are:

Nadia Rasul – 3rd Year Aberdeen
Petra Kosova – 3rd Year RGU
Ailsa Munro – 3rd Year, Edinburgh
Mark Hadjitofi – 3rd Year Heriot-Watt
Catherine Tait – 3rd Year Strathclyde

Martin Robertson – 4th Year Aberdeen
Caitlin Bissett – 4th Year RGU
Alasdair McLeod – 4th Year Edinburgh
Joe Satchwell – 4th Year Heriot-Watt
Douglas Blake – 4th Year Strathclyde

Aparna Anilkumar – 5th Year, Aberdeen
Jamie Richardson – 5th Year Edinburgh
Przemyslaw Walerowski – 5th Year Heriot-Watt
Claire Forsyth – 5th Year Strathclyde

The Fiona Fuller Business Scholarship:
Lauren Philip – Banff and Buchan College
Jack Walker – Banff and Buchan College

All students studying MEng in Chem. Eng, with the exceptions of RGU - BA Management (with Economics, Finance, HR or Marketing) and Banff and Buchan College - HND Business

The business scholarship was named after former employee, Fiona Fuller, who passed away suddenly in 2008. She had joined the company as administration manager in1993 after graduating from Robert Gordon University and went on to be promoted to the board of directors in 2003.

Atkins ( is one of the world's leading engineering and design consultancies*, employing some 17,700 people across the UK, North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe. It has the breadth and depth of expertise to plan, design and enable some of the world's most technically challenging and time critical infrastructure projects.

*It is the largest engineering consultancy in the UK (New Civil Engineer Consultants File 2012) and the 13th largest global design firm (Engineering News-Record 2011).

Photo Caption: Clockwise direction: Banff and Buchan College's Jack Walker and Lauren Philip, RGU's Petra Kosova and Caitlin Bissett

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