Access to Business Information online

A small team has been working to develop a new interface through which key business information will be made available to staff. This work follows feedback from Heads of School, and others, which identified a need to improve the availability, accessibility and usefulness of key business information within the University.

The work builds upon development undertaken last Session associated with the roll out of reports for Student Questionnaires, which received much positive feedback from staff.

It is intended that the new interface will be used to provide access to data supporting Annual Appraisal later this year, such as Student Achievement Rates, addressing concerns about delays to this process in previous sessions.

In advance of this, the team would like to give you the opportunity to access the interface, to see the work which has been completed and to view reports available at this time.

For further information about the project, please visit the new Business Information webpage,

We hope you find this new tool helpful and will be keen to hear feedback. A Steering Group will be overseeing the development of the interface as we move forward and further details of this will follow in due course.

John Watson