Here you can find all the news articles from 2015 from across the university

  1. 15, December, 2015 Graduation round-up: Tuesday, December 8, 2015

    Melissa Morrison

    Find out more about some of the Faculty of Design and Technology students who graduated from RGU at the Music Hall, Aberdeen on Tuesday, December 8.  

  2. 15, December, 2015 RGU Foundation announces first awards from the Annual Fund

    The Sir Ian Wood Building

    The RGU Foundation, the fundraising arm of RGU, has announced the first awards made from its Annual Fund.  

  3. 15, December, 2015 Hundreds of north-east pupils celebrate completion of ‘Access To’ programme at RGU

    Access To Health Professions L-R Megan Karakus and Chloe Craighead

    More than 200 S5 and S6 pupils from across Aberdeen City and Shire have taken part in this year’s ‘Access To’ programme at RGU, which gives them a taste of university life.  

  4. 15, December, 2015 North-east health visitors enhance their skills at RGU

    Health Visitor Training

    Health visitors from across the north-east have enhanced their skills in line with new nation-wide professional standards at RGU.  

  5. 15, December, 2015 SUT award for determined RGU student

    L-R Chris Milner and Matthew Head

    An RGU engineering student who has achieved his dream of gaining a degree, is also celebrating receiving a special award from the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT).