Remember your Graduation ceremony by having photographs taken on the day. A high quality photography service for all Graduates attending the Awards Ceremonies is offered by Success Photography.

The photographers will take a professional portrait of you and/or with your family and friends. They also capture you 'on the stage' as you are presented with your award, which can be added to your photography package in advance or can be purchased after the ceremony from Success Photography.

Graduation photography is located at the same location as gown collection – location and opening times to be confirmed.  The photography and gown hire will open two hours before the start of the first ceremony each day.

Photography tips

  • Photography can get busy before and after graduation ceremonies, therefore it is recommended to get photographs taken during other ceremonies. This will limit waiting time.
  • Your individual and / or family photographs are displayed on screen for your approval before being saved 
  • When selection is completed, you are given a receipt to keep with your image reference number
  • Photography opening times will be announced in due course.

To book a photography package in advance, order online now at Success Photography.

Click here to book your graduation photographs

Tel: 01293 822 211

Don’t be a victim of degree fraud

  • Posting a selfie of your degree certificate provides fake certificate websites access to current certificates to copy.
  • Your certificate should be treated as personal and private documents like passports, birth certificates or bank details.

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