All the most common questions about Graduation answered.

I do not wish to attend the ceremony. How do I receive my award certificate? 
You will need to register to graduate as Not Attending the Ceremony (i.e. 'In Absentia').  Your award certificate will then be posted to you after the ceremony.

I am graduating as 'Not Attending the Ceremony', when can I expect my award certificate? 
For students who register as Not Attending, the certificate is posted standard mail the week following the ceremony.  For UK addresses delivery is normally within 5 working days. For non-UK addresses we recommend allowing up to 20 working days.

I am graduating as 'Not Attending the Ceremony, what address is the certificate being sent to? 
Please refer to your graduation Confirmation of Registration email.

Do I have to pay the graduation fee?
Yes - except for those students where their online graduation registration screen says otherwise.

I'm having trouble paying the fee during registration?
If you encounter problems while making the payment when registering online, please visit Make Payment or contact Student Finance via

I've received the Confirmation of Registration email and noticed a mistake.  How do I change my information?
To change or update registration details, please submit a change form.

What time should I arrive at the Ceremony? 
Students can collect their gowns and access the photography two hours before the ceremony starts. Student registration opens one hour before the ceremony starts. Students and guests should be seated 20 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

How long is the ceremony?
All ceremonies are approximately 90 minutes.

How many guests can I have?
Because seating is limited, we allocate two guest tickets each (if requested during registration). Additional tickets can be requested at registration and will be allocated by ballot. All tickets will be available approximately 7 to 10 days before the ceremony.

If guests do not present a ticket, they may not be admitted. Any spare seats will be allocated on the day and will depend on overall attendance numbers.

I have guests who will be coming from outside the UK, can I receive a letter to assist with their Visa application?
Yes - students who require a supporting letter for themselves or their guests should contact the Student Help Point.

Can I park my car close by? 
Guests with cars should leave adequate time to find parking spaces. There is plenty of parking in the vicinity of the Beach Ballroom.

Where do I collect my gown?
Student gowns can be collected from Ede and Ravenscroft at the Sports Hall, Beach Leisure Centre, adjacent to the Beach Ballroom.

Where are the photographs taken?
Success Photography will be at the Sports Hall, Beach Leisure Centre, adjacent to the Beach Ballroom.                       

Are the guest seats numbered?
No, your guests can choose where they want to sit once they arrive.

Can a child sit on a guest's knee?
If the child is under two then they can sit on a guest's knee. Children over that age will require a ticket due to fire regulations.

Why does the name on the degree certificate have to be the same as my birth/marriage certificate?
Some professional bodies may reject the degree certificate if the name is different.

What is the graduation fee for?
The fee offsets the cost involved in providing:

  • Degree Certificate and Scroll
  • Permanent entry in the register of graduates 
  • Facility to verify your award to potential employers
  • Facility to provide replacement certificates in the future if original is lost (fee payable on issue of replacement)
  • Placement of notice of award in local and national press

Please note: Those students graduating as Not Attending the Ceremony (i.e.'in absentia') are required to pay the same fee as the same actions/facilities are carried out.

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