Find out about AYG's aims and objectives.


The aim of the Aberdeen Youth Games is to establish an innovative, sustainable and integrated citywide sports programme which promotes and increases physical activity, healthy lifestyles and key life skills amongst Aberdeen’s young people. The programme has been developed in partnership between Sport Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University, specifically building on the continuing work of the Aberdeen Active Schools team.


  • To establish and increase opportunities for participative and competitive sport and physical activity, motivating young people to lead physically active lifestyles now and in the future
  • To develop and deliver innovative educational opportunities highlighting the importance of physical activity, healthy lifestyles and key life skills
  • To develop and deliver a programme of innovative and exciting sport and physical activity projects, allowing young people to engage with the Aberdeen Youth Games at all stages of development (i.e. from pre-school to University and beyond)
  • To embed the Aberdeen Youth Games within the culture of Aberdeen
  • To establish and maintain international links to promote global citizenship amongst young people, and highlight locally and internationally the positive benefits of sport and physical activity