The IDaM Conference 2018, which will take place on Wednesday 1 August and Thursday 2 August will explore, examine and discover excellence in the design and the use of major public investment projects in the cultural and governmental sectors.

The speakers bring a broad range of expertise from both home and abroad and will offer stimulating and challenging ideas and practical experience to the delegates attending.

In recent years Scotland has benefited from the development of many iconic structures that have seen major public investment. These often present complex and challenging issues for those who commission, fund, design, deliver and manage them.

This conference will explore these issues. Seeking to demonstrate the lessons learned in these projects for all who attend.

The Theme

It is widely recognised that these major opportunities can, if not understood and implemented appropriately, lead to significant costs for the client, owner or tenant.

They offer a challenge to those institutions who commission or guide the designers and managers to work together to better understand the implications of innovative design and ensure that appropriate maintenance systems are developed and in place.

The conference will examine best practice in the delivery and management of significant structures that have benefited from public funding and identify the opportunities that good design can have not only in the creation of an iconic building but also in ensuring that it remains viable in the future.

The event 

The two day event will focus on three areas of interest:

1. Commissioning

How investment in significant publically funded developments create places of cultural interest or government to identify excellence in the identification, briefing, funding, and use of such opportunities.

2. Design and Delivery

How design opportunities are investigated, developed as a proposal to support funding and other preliminary requirements.

3. Operational and Facilities Management

The ongoing needs of these places to ensure their objectives are achieved and that they remain important and contribute to the owners, tenants, visitors and other stakeholders.

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Keynote Speakers

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