With extensive knowledge of international markets, the International Student Recruitment Team, delivers a range of professional services to promote the University overseas and the active recruitment of international students.

These include;

  • Providing market and competitor analysis to help inform the recruitment strategy, including new product development
  • Representing the University at overseas exhibitions, including briefing and supporting academic members of staff who travel on student recruitment mission
  • Establishing and managing relationships with key bodies such as the British Council, UKTI, Sponsors, Embassies and Consulars
  • Selecting and managing the University's overseas student recruitment agent network
  • Providing advice on international education systems and entry requirement
  • Identifying and developing progression pathway opportunities with overseas education institutions
  • Informing Marketing on collateral for international markets

Meet the team

  • Julie Anderson

    Julie Deighton Profile

    Regional Manager - Middle East and The Americas (on Maternity Leave)  

  • Dan Bennett

    Dan Bennett

    Regional Manager - East Asia  

  • Michelle Duncan

    Michelle MacFadyen

    Regional Manager - South and South East Asia  

  • Craig Evans

    Craig Evans

    Regional Manager - Middle East and The Americas  

  • Suzanne Sim

    Suzanne Sim

    Student Recruitment International Officer - Middle East and The Americas  

  • Jessica Wang

    Jessica Wang

    RGU East Asia Office Manager  

  • Penny Zhang

    Penny Zhang

    RGU East Asia Office Marketing Manager