HRPU is an architectural design and research laboratory that provides a platform for combining both practice and research in contemporary housing practices.

Ideas focused around housing are tested in live projects through Professor Deveci’s research-based architectural practice.  We consider these projects to be design as research and a key vehicle for research application.

Current Projects:

  1. Tigh-Na-Cladach

    Tigh-Na-Cladach 4

    The first social housing scheme in the UK to be officially accredited by the German ‘Passivhaus’ Institute, Tigh-Na-Cladach offers sustainable and energy efficient design on a social housing budget.

  2. Model D House

    Model D House 4

    A low energy contemporary home that demonstrates innovative and creative use of home-grown timber while offering a hard-to beat model for genuinely affordable housing stock in the countryside.

Completed Projects:

  1. Canmore Place

    Deveci - Canmore

    Flexible lifetime homes, the direct result of a major research commission from Scottish Homes aimed at reducing the capital cost of housing.

  2. The Van Midden House

    Deveci - Van Midden

    A six-bedroom timber house designed to prioritise affordability, ecological sustainability and the use of materials generally not associated with domestic architecture.

  3. The Zero Heat House

    Deveci - Zero Heat

    The Zero Heat house eliminates the need for a dedicated heating system through the use of passive solar design, thermal mass, super-insulation and air-tightness.

  4. The Lotte Glob House

    Deveci - Lotte Glob

    A low-impact, low-energy design for Danish ceramic artist Lotte Glob.

  5. A'Chrannag

    Deveci - Achranag

    Award winning round-tower development of fourteen flats on the Isle of Bute

  6. The McKay House

    Deveci - MacKay

    Sustainable home that maximises the solar gain with the first use in the UK of Velux solar panels.

  7. The Burnett House

    Deveci - Burnett House

    Sustainable contemporary construction designed in harmony with the local vernacular tradition.