David Ewen, a Clinical Pharmacy PgDip student tells why he has enjoyed his course at Robert Gordon University and why he has applied for Advanced Pharmacy Practice.

David Ewen, Clinical Pharmacy PgDip student I decided to study the PgDip as I had long wanted to provide a more clinical service and develop my career within this field. I am a much improved and developed pharmacist and I have managed to get a job with the NHS as a clinical pharmacist, which I am certain is due, in no small part, to doing this course.

The online nature of RGU's courses allow interaction with health care professionals and fellow course mates alike, so it doesn't feel like distant learning in the slightest. I enjoyed the residential where a lot of material was covered, and there is the opportunity to enjoy Aberdeen which is a very nice city indeed.

I am applying for Advanced Pharmacy Practice (APP) as it seems like a natural progression. I decided that this course would be best for my career goals rather than continuing my current course to MSc. I want to move up the career ladder within the NHS and the APP course will equip me with higher level management and educational training skills needed for advanced positions. The thought of also becoming a prescriber is very exciting indeed.

David Ewen
Advanced Pharmacy Practice (PgDip/MSc)