Student Mobility Only Agreed for 2019/20

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Course Information

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Cape Breton University Welcome Information

Cape Breton University Course List

Language of delivery: English. 

Address, Codes & Departments

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Cape Breton University
1250 Grand Lake Rd
NS B1P 6L2

Departments: (Departments with which we have links are in bold)

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Shannon School of Business
  • Science and Technology
  • Professional Studies

Head of Institution: David Dingwall (President) 

Application Deadlines

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Application Procedure

Students interested in studying at Cape Breton University will be nominated by RGU. Nominated students will then be able to apply. 

Students should complete the online application form on Cape Breton University's website - this takes approximately 20 minutes. Students will also need to submit some supporting documentation with their application, including; A Transcript of Records, A Copy of Passport, and a fully completed and signed Learning Agreement.

Cape Breton University will contact the student to let them know whether their application has been successful.

Cape Breton University Application Information

Application Deadlines

Semester 1

  • 01 August

Semester 2

  • 01 December
Accommodation Information

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Accommodation provided

Accommodation is provided by Cape Breton University.

Average cost of rent per month

Between $ 2'955,- and $ 3'520,- per semester

Items provided in University accommodation

Depends on the residence, most rooms are fully furnished including; a bed, desk, chair, dresser, storage space, etc.

Laundry facilities in the residences


Cooking facilities or meals provided

Meal plans are mandatory for all residence students.

Number of students sharing bathroom

Depends on the residence, can be two or more.

Mixed gender bathrooms


Cleaning service and how frequent

Depends on the residence, public spaces are cleaned regularly.

Other Relevant Information

Many residences have lounges and common areas, some are equipped with pool tables and televisions.


Cape Breton University Accommodation Information