Student Mobility Only Agreed for 2019/20

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Course Information

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Course List:
Exchange students are required to take one main studio class (worth 20 ECTS) and a module on Czech Culture (worth 4 ECTS). Students will then be expected to make up another 6 ECTS by taking two of the following; Evening Drawing, Printmaking, and Digilab (which is a computer based module).  

AVU Studio List

Language of delivery: English

Language Requirements: While students are not required to have any major English qualifications, they must be able to speak, communicate, and understand English. The recommended level being B1.

Address, Codes & Departments

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Akademie Vytvarnych Umeni V Praze
(Academy of Fine Arts in Prague)
U Akademie 4
17022 Praha 7
Czech Republic

Institution Code: CZ PRAHA03

EUC No.: 48421

Rector: Jirí T. Kotalík

Application Deadlines

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Application Procedure

Students interested in studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Prague (AVU) will be nominated by RGU. Nominated students should then complete the online application form.

As part of their application to AVU, students will need to submit the supporting documents: A full portfolio, A CV, A Motivation Letter and an ID photo.

AVU will then confirm with the student if they have been accepted.

AVU Application Information

Application Deadlines

Semester 1

  • 01 May

Semester 2

  •  01 December
Accommodation Information

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Accommodation provided

The University does not provide or arrange any accommodation for students. However, they do recommend that students apply for a room at Roosevelt Dormitory as it is close to campus. 

Average cost of rent per month

Depends on residence, but expect between 3'000 and 5'000 CZK.

Items provided in University accommodation

Depends on residence.

Laundry facilities in the residences

Depends on residence.

Cooking facilities or meals provided

Depends on residence.

Number of students sharing bathroom

Depends on residence.

Mixed gender bathrooms

Depends on residence.

Cleaning service and how frequent

Depends on residence.

Other Relevant Information