Study Abroad Students (Erasmus and International Exchange)

Applications to go on study abroad in 2018-19 are now closed.

Erasmus Work Placement Students

Erasmus Work Placement Students

Once you have been nominated to undertake a work period abroad, you must make a formal application to RGU by using the online application form below.

  • This is also the application form for an Erasmus Grant, and you will have to indicate in the application form if you wish to apply for a grant.
  • Prior to the start of your work period, you will be posted documentation - so please ensure the address you provide is valid.  You will have to return some of this documentation before you leave.

Important:  If you apply after your work period has started, or you fail to return the relevant documentation prior to the start of your work period, you will be ineligible for funding.

Application Form for Outgoing Students (Firefox only)

N.B.  Before you can access the application form, you will have to register on the right hand side of the portal - your RGU login details will not work!

Once you have clicked on "submit", your application will automatically be submitted to the Erasmus and Exchanges Team. You should receive an email within 5 working days to confirm receipt. The Erasmus and Exchanges Team will forward your application to your International Exchange Co-ordinator for approval. If you do not receive an email within this timescale, please contact

The deadline for submitting this form for Semester 1 is 01 June and for Semester 2 is 01 December. It is imperative that you also complete a Learning Agreement, which you should complete with the assistance of your International Exchange Co-ordinator.

In order for you to be eligible for an Erasmus grant, your Learning Agreement must be in place prior to the start of your work placement.

Download the Learning Agreement