There is a limited budget available for Preparatory Visit funding and may be available to staff visiting institutions with which your School does not already have a link.

However, you should consult the International Exchanges Manager to check whether a visit will be eligible for funding.

Funding will be allocated for eligible activities by the International Exchanges Manager and usually transferred into the School's nominated budget in July (i.e. 2017).

How do I apply for PV funding?

Before Departure
You must send the following to the International Exchanges Manager:

  1. a completed Preparatory Visit Registration Form (PV.1)
  2. a photocopy of your Pre-Approval Form.

At the End of Your Visit
You must ask the host institution to complete, sign and stamp a "Confirmation of Dates" form.

On Return to the University

You should send the following to the International Exchanges manager:

  1. a completed Student Exchange Study Periods Checklist
  2. the completed "Confirmation of Dates" form
  3. a copy of all expenses incurred (including any invoices from Key Travel and charges made to credit cards)