How to start your online learning

Your step by step guide to getting started with Professional Development@RGU

Guidance for Learners

  • We advise that you study no more than two modules concurrently.
  • Each module outlines the prior experience you need to underpin the module and we will ask you at enrolment to confirm that you have this.
  • Modules offered via Professional Development@RGU are only available on an online basis.
  • Modules taken through Professional Development@RGU are not eligible for Tier 4 Sponsorship
  • You will be bound by the University’s Academic Regulations, terms and conditions.

Step One – Select Modules

Select your modules. Please select no more than 2 at any one intake date.

Step Two – Application

You must complete the application form to join the course and apply for your modules of choice.

Please note: all modules you apply for should be paid for on first enrolment, regardless of start date.

To help ease the cost, you may prefer to commit to a small number of modules and apply later for those starting later in the year.

Step Three – Acceptance

Your acceptance on to the module will be confirmed.

  • You will be notified of the date the online module will be available for study. 
  • Just prior to the start date, you will be given your username and password to access ‘RGyoU’, the student portal. From here you will be able to enrol, pay and familiarise yourself with the online learning environment, 'Campus Moodle'.

Step Four – Enrolment & Payment

You must enrol and pay for the modules you have chosen.

To do this click on the enrolment button in the ‘Your Gateway’ student portal.  You will receive an enrolment confirmation email once you have completed enrolment.

Step Five – Start learning

Start the module and start learning!

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