Postgraduate applicants may be eligible for a Living Cost Loan or a Postgraduate Loan.

Students from Scotland

Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan 

Eligible (Scottish domiciled and EU) students can now apply for a Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan.

Full-time students undertaking an eligible course can apply for a tuition fee loan up to a maximum of £5,500.

Part-time students can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £5,500 for the course split across each year of their course. Courses should take no longer than twice the length of the full-time equivalent course. For example, one year full-time courses could attract two years of part-time support and two year full-time courses could attract four years of part-time support. One year full-time courses that have a part time option that take 3 years are not eligible.

Postgraduate Living Cost Loan

Eligible full-time postgraduate students on an eligible course can apply to SAAS for a living cost loan.

To be eligible for the living cost loan students must be:

  • undertaking a full-time course
  • meet the residence eligibility criteria
  • be under 60 on the first day of the first academic year of your course

The maximum amounts available are:

  • full-time one year courses - £4,500
  • full-time two year courses - £2,250 per year

Further details are available on the SAAS website

Students from England

Students undertaking a full postgraduate master’s course (not a top-up course) may be able to apply for a Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance England.

  • maximum available is £10,000
  • non-means tested
  • a contribution to use the loan towards fees, maintenance costs or other costs
  • paid directly to the student

Courses can be:

  • full-time, lasting 1 or 2 academic years
  • part-time, lasting 2 to 4 academic years but must not take more than twice the length of the equivalent full time course website - Funding for Postgraduate Study