One RGU Many Nations

One RGU Many Nations
Event Date: Time:12:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Location: Sir Ian Wood Building Amphitheatre

The Robert Gordon University is characterised with international presence and students from mixed cultural societies ranging from different ethnicities, backgrounds, religion, and belief.

The RGU: Union believes equality in diversity and as such culture is something that should be celebrated used as a means of educational awareness, observation/perception, orientation, and integration where necessary.

Robert Gordon University has an incredibly diverse student population, ranging from different background and ethnicities. Hence, we believe that through "ONE RGU MANY NATIONS" we will gain more student bonding, from both the national and the international outlook and bringing together all the mixed and mix-cultural societies in Aberdeen.

The event will feature actual showcasing of tangible objects or cultural artefacts, food, currencies, ornaments, flags, and that which are observable by nation’s e.g. norms, beliefs, which students may not have been able to come across visibly in their tight schedule.

This event is expected to attract external bodies, cultural societies, groups, brands, the Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen Multicultural Centre, etc.

All students are welcome to attend, but if anyone wish to become part of the showcase, please email