Doric is a Scottish dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland around Aberdeen city and shire.

The term ‘Doric’ is thought to come from the Greek for ‘rural’ or ‘rustic’ perhaps due to its strong associations with the farming and fishing communities of the region.

Doric words can differ from town to town and there are many variations on the spellings of the words, due to differences of localised pronunciation and phonetics. One of the main features of the dialect is the ‘Wh’ at the beginning of words is often realised as an ‘f’. A good example of this is the phrase, Fit like?

RGU staff members participated in our Doric project by reading from the RGU Doric Dictionary as well as adding a few of their own favourite words and phrases. The volunteers hail from a range of locations in the North East, including Fraserburgh, New Pitsligo, Insch and Aberdeen city.

Listen to this unique dialect through our animations.

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleA Fly Cup


dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleMind yer dookers

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleFoos yer doos?

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleFit's a dee?

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleFair tricket

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleDinna clype

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleDingin doon


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