The Doric Dictionary online charity appeal is now closed. We’ve made just under £2,000 from our online donations. Thanks to everyone who made a donation.

Purchases of our Doric Dictionary helped our nominated charity, the National Literacy Trust.

The book is a humorous visual dictionary to help you converse with your colleagues or have a chuckle with friends and family!

If you would still like to make an online donation (without receiving a dictionary), you can do so now.


Download a copy of the Doric Dictionary:

Doric Dictionary (PDF 1.5MB)



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About The National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity that believes everyone in the UK should have the literacy skills they need. One person in six in the UK today has poor literacy. This means they can’t succeed at school, are locked out of the job market, can’t support their child’s learning and struggle with daily tasks such as filling in forms or reading labels on food packaging. They are the only national charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK.

National Literacy Trust

About Doric

Doric is a Scottish dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland around Aberdeen city and shire. 

Doric Words

A few examples of Doric you may hear in Aberdeen

Doric - Far

Far div ye bide?
Where do you stay?

Doric - Fit

Fit Like?
How are you? (What like?)

Doric - Fan

 Fan div ye yoke?
When do you start work?

Doric - Foo

Foo's yer doos?
How are you? (How are your doves/pigeons?)


Doric - Fa

Fa's roond is it?
Who's round is it?


Doric - Fit Wye

Fit wye's at noo?
Why's that now? 

Listen to this unique dialect through our animations.

Doric Voices