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Title: Dr
First Name: Maja
Surname: Ze?o
Position: Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice


Dr Maja Zeco is an interdisciplinary practice-based researcher who has been teaching at Gray’s School of Art since 2021. She completed her practice-led PhD in Fine Arts in 2019 based at Gray’s, with the support of the Sonic Programme of the University of Aberdeen. During her doctoral studies funded by the Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities, she explored contextual approaches in listening to places from the perspectives of visual arts, performance and sonic arts. 

By drawing from her BA and MA completed in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in communication design, Zeco’s practices of sound, moving image and performance art is research-oriented. Her works explore narratives of group and individual identities and displacement. She is currently developing strategies of de-modernising and decolonising in Scotland and looking into Bosnian/Balkan futurisms. 

Many of her works, such as Grains of Sound (2016), Hold in/Breathe Out (2016), In Search of the Sun (2021-2022), and Silencer (2018-2022) are about disjunctures between the artist and her environment. First-hand experience of conflict and subsequent transition to neoliberalism in Bosnian society, and life in the UK since 2015, inform these works. She has had works commissioned and shown in Sarajevo, Zurich, London, Leicester, Perth, Corby, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Duties and Responsibilities

Maja teaches on the Contemporary Art Practice programme. She is a personal tutor to students in 3rd and 4th years and in the MA programme. She welcomes PhD proposals from candidates interested in practice-based (led) interdisciplinary research approaches.

Academic Background

2015-2019 Pratice-led PhD in Fine Arts on Sound and Performance art practice, based at Gray’s School of Art, supported by the Sonic Arts department of the University of Aberdeen.

Research Interests

  • Contemporary sound art approaches to listening to places
  • Intersections of soundscape composition, sound/sonic arts and visual art practices
  • Interdisciplinary practice-led (based) research methodologies
  • Practices of demodernising & decolonising through creative practice
  • Research on diaspora, displacement and migration
  • Balkan and Bosnian futurism
  • Reflexive & contextual listening to post-conflict spaces
  • Histories and practices of performance art

Current Research

Artist Commission for Remembering Together: Co-Creating Covid Memorial project for Aberdeen City. The project is led by Greenspace Scotland on behalf of Scottish government due to be delivered in 2022-2023. 

Exhibitions and performances presented in the UK and internationally in 2022: UK New Artists (Leicester), Summerhall (Edinburgh), RSA (Edinburgh), Fermynwoods Contemporary Art (Corby), Reihe Neu-Oerlikon (Zurich).


  • Funding: SGSAH, Creative Scotland, Art Council England, Lottery Fund, Scottish Government, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen Art Gallery, and international sources through art organisations that support my work.
  • Collaborations: SERG - Sonic arts research group at the University of Aberdeen

Professional Memberships


ZECO, M., 2021. Listening and Recording In Situ: Entanglement in the Socio-political Context of Place. Organised Sound. Cambridge University Press, 26(2).

ZECO, M., 2022. Contextualities of Listening to Soundscapes: The Past and The Present Converging in Sarajevo. Journal of Sonic Studies. Leiden University Press.

April 2022, Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition catalogue and online presentation

Blackwood, Jon., 2022. Nothing’s Guaranteed: Exhibition of Bosno-Futurism. Exhibition catalogue.

Media Coverage