Title: Miss
First Name: Caitlin
Surname: Wilkinson
Position: Applications Supervisor
Linkedin: LinkedIn Icon

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Caitlin is the Applications Supervisor for IT, eLearning and the Adobe Creative Suite. She looks after the Mac Labs and works alongside IT to fix any issues. She also teaches the Adobe Suite - teaching Photoshop and Illustrator to first year students – and assisting all students with anything Adobe Creative Cloud related.

Before Caitlin joined RGU, she was a photographer in the local industry, and had been freelancing since she was 16 years old. She has worked for local companies which specialise in studio work, but mainly property photography. She also worked for an offshore visual asset management company and would have gone offshore to photograph oil refineries and oil rigs. In her freelancing, she has done work for lots of local people, photographed some cool cars, teamed up in a videography team and worked on some projects together. Whilst her current freelancing is slow due to covid, she is actively learning and eager to photograph!