First Name: Nicola
Surname: Watson
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 263629

Lecturer and Stage 2 Coordinator. Freelance designer specializing in illustration and graphic design. Also working with graduates in residence to facilitate a creative hub for recent graduates and current students, to explore innovative business enterprise within the city. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Teaching interests:

Design, Illustration, Typography, Graphics, Social Media, Blended Learning, using new media as a teaching tool.

Research Interests

Nicola has research interests in the areas of visual cognition, pervasive gaming design and the use of design in education.

External / Professional Roles

Visual Communication Lecturer – Aberdeen College

Recent Projects

NHK TV  - Tokyo, Japan -  Researcher and monitor in culture, media & arts programmes

Swedish Institute of Computer Science - Beta testing involvement in augmented reality pervasive gaming research project.