Amy Wareing
First Name: Amy
Surname: Wareing
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: 01224 263267

Amy is an Academic Practice Developer in the Department for Education, Learning, Teaching and Access (DELTA), joining the team in 2018. She is an experienced Higher Education lecturer at Robert Gordon University, starting in 2010 in the school of health sciences.

Amy is currently undertaking a PhD in Higher Education: research, evaluation and enhancement at Lancaster University. Amy has a wide range of experience in learning, teaching, assessment and access. She has worked across all learning levels of adult education and also within access as the admissions officer for a discipline.

Following qualification from Lancaster University in 2003, Amy worked within the NHS.  She joined the independent sector in 2006 working in static and mobile health imaging units across England and Wales.

Throughout her time at RGU she has completed her MSc at Salford University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education becoming a fellow of the HEA. Amy has also been an external examiner for Trinity College Dublin and the University of the West of England, Bristol. Nationally Amy has acted as the Vice-Chair of the Nuclear Medicine Advisory Group for the Society and College of Radiographers.

She is a keen advocate of evidenced based practice and has presented her own and collaborative research at several national and international conferences.

Teaching Interests

Amy's main teaching interest is transformative pedagogies. She has produced several publications around learning including; peer-learning, work placements and online learning.

Research Interests

Amy’s research interests include adult and higher education and contemporary learning.


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Oral Presentations

Wareing, A. “Storytelling for teaching: initial findings from a meta-ethnography.” HEA Annual Conference. Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight (2017) 4-6 July.