Vivek Viswambaran
First Name: Vivek
Surname: Viswambaran
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 262576

Research title: Minimally-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Start date: July 2013

Regular blood glucose monitoring is very important for diabetic patients. Although there are different types of blood glucose monitors or sensors, most of them are invasive type and are painful for the patients. A user friendly, minimally-invasive glucose monitor has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for the estimated ~300 million diabetics globally.

Low power laser beams have been used to study absorbing or weakly-absorbing fluids - like blood - to generate special physical effects. This project will investigate the development of a patient friendly, minimally-invasive, blood glucose sensor that can be used for continuous and intermittent monitoring, based on optical approaches.

This will involve following parts:

  1. theoretical and experimental investigations on laser-fluid (blood) interactions;
  2. theoretical modelling, design and development of blood glucose sensors;
  3. characterisation and testing of the sensors.


Dr.Radhakrishna Prabhu

Dr.Nakkeeran Kaliyaperumal (University of Aberdeen)


Fazludeen Ruknudeen, Vivek Viswambaran, Shinu Gervasis, ‘PAPI  Measurement  systems & Methods’ done at (Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, India) US Patent Application no:- 13/612330, 2012