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First Name: Stoyan
Surname: Veleshki
Position: KTP Associate

Research Title: Evolutionary Game Theory for Hydrocarbon Allocation

Start date: October 2014

The aim of this research project will be to investigate the potential application of evolutionary game theory to decision processes in the oil and gas industry to ensure optimal hydrocarbon allocation in accordance with a range of objectives for multiple players. We will investigate state of the art and suggest directions for future research. The aim will be achieved by focussing on the following objectives:

Gain research skills including literature-based research, algorithm design and evaluation, technical writing and research presentation.

Investigate state-of-the-art approaches to evolutionary game theory in decision support through a literature survey.

Apply state-of-the-art approaches to real-world hydrocarbon allocation scenarios, identifying benefits and limitations of the game-theoretic approach.

Use knowledge gained from the literature survey and from the application to identify key research questions.

Produce a research thesis.


Prof. John McCall (Principal supervisor)

Dr. Andrei Petrovski (Second Supervisor)

Dr. Mamdud Hossain (Advisory Capacity)

Dr. Benjamin Lacroix 

Mr. Phil Stockton (Director and Principal Consultant at Accord Energy Solutions Limited, Aberdeen)