First Name: William
Surname: Telfer
Position: Research Student

PhD Thesis Title

The Stability in Oil and Gas Contracts and the Host Country’s National Interest: With a Special Reference to the Mozambican Stabilization Clause.


The recent discoveries of large reserves of Gas in the Northern Coast of Mozambique have placed the country in the spotlight of International Oil Companies (IOC) and investors in general. The country has been a stage of disputes between IOC’s and the Government with regards to unilateral changes of contractual terms by the Government.

The thesis aims at conducting an extensive research into the stability of such contract in view of the Country’s national interest but with a special emphasis to the Stabilization Clauses in use in the Country.

Areas of Interest

Oil and Gas Law; Contracts; Oil and Gas Contracts; Risks in Investment Contracts; International Contract.

Principal Supervisor - Dr. Leon Moller