Elizabeth Tait
Title: Dr
First Name: Elizabeth
Surname: Tait
Position: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263916
Linkedin: LinkedIn Icon

Duties and Responsibilities

Elizabeth is the Subject Lecturer for Information Management. She is also Research Degree Coordinator for the School of Creative and Cultural Business and Director of the DInfSc programme. She represents RGU on the ESRC Doctoral Training Pathway Information Science Scotland and is editor of the ABS Working Papers series.

Academic Background

She has an MA (Hons) in Politics from the University of Glasgow, an MSc (with distinction) in Electronic Information Management from Robert Gordon University and a PhD which examined the use of ICT for political participation. Before joining the department in 2012 she worked as a researcher in the fields of Labour Market Studies, Transport Policy and Digital Economy.

Research Interests

Her research interests reflect her interdisciplinary background and are primarily around the societal impact of digital technologies in areas such as: politics, business, cultural heritage and natural resource conservation.

Recent projects include ‘New Radicals’ which investigates the legacy of Scottish Independence Referendum activism on young people's level of political engagement, particularly via digital media. A further research area concerns the use of IT based visualisation and the built heritage. This has been supported through projects funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Programme and Heritage Lottery Fund, with technology including 3D HD Laser Scanning and interactive 3D virtual models. The research has demonstrated how such visualisation techniques can help to draw participants into cultural and social research, and help to present buildings and cultural artefacts in ways which encourage fresh ideas and viewpoints.


  • PORTIS (Horizon 2020) - I am a Co-Investigator
  • Heritage Lottery Fund (2015). Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere. Total award £78000. I am a Co-Investigator
  • RCUK Digital Economy- Communities and Culture Network+ (2014).  New Radicals? Youth Digital Engagement in post-referendum Scotland. Total award £30000. I am a Co-Investigator
  • RCUK Digital Economy - IT as a Utility Network+ (2014).  Bring Your Own Heritage. Total award £46000. I am Principal Investigator.
  • RCUK Digital Economy- Communities and Culture Network+ (2014).  Community engagement and participation with 3-D cultural heritage visualisations’. Total award value £4502. I was Principal Investigator
  • ESRC (2012) Social Networking Analysis Training. ESRC Digital Social Research Fund awarded £3500 I was Principal Investigator.
  • JISC (2012) Tracking Digital Impact: collaborative project with Exeter (lead institution), Manchester, Plymouth and South Queensland Universities. I was the Principal Investigator 

External / Professional Roles

  • Pathway Convenor for ESRC Information Science Scotland Doctoral Training Pathway
  • Member of AHRC Peer Review College
  • Reviewer for journals e.g. ASLIB Journal of Information Management, New Media and Society, Journal of Knowledge Management.
  • Represent RGU at Scottish Parliament Digital Participation Working Group 


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