Professor Peter Strachan
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Surname: Strachan
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Peter Strachan is a leading Professor and expert on Energy Policy, Environmental Management and Energy Transitions.

As part of the State Visit of the President of Mexico to the United Kingdom for example, Professor Strachan was invited as an expert contributor to the Carbon Trust’s special session on the opportunities of Building a Sustainable Energy Economy in the UK and in Mexico, held in conjunction with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This led to the signing of a high-level collaboration agreement.

Within Scotland Professor Strachan has provided energy policy support to the Scottish Government since 2013, with this culminating in a presentation to the First Minister of Scotland. He continues to support the Scottish Government when required and was for example invited to give oral evidence at a private session of the “The Devolution (Further Powers) Scottish Parliament Committee”. More recently he has given a keynote talk on the “Future of Energy” to the Energy Institute and Strathclyde Business School Centre for Energy Policy and was further a member of a closing expert panel on the same theme at the University of Aberdeen. Professor Strachan has also presented his work to The All Parliamentary Group on Unconvetional Oil and Gas at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster.

Duties and Responsibilities

Professor Strachan has a strong track record in the delivery of high quality energy policy and environmental management research. With a thirst for knowledge creation and passion for excellence he has supervised to completion 15 doctoral students.

Professor Strachan further contributes to teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Key teaching interests include: Strategic Management; Research Methods; and, Energy and Responsible Business.

Being a committed coach and mentor he has over the years supervised large numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate student projects. This has included international MBA consultancy projects, dissertations, and the supervision of industrial placements in the energy sector.

These doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students are highly sought after by business, government and academia.

Both as a supervisor and PhD examiner Professor Strachan is in demand, and has examined 23 doctoral students at leading universities.

Academic Background

Starting his career at the Robert Gordon University in 1993 as a Project Manager in the then School of Public Administration and Law, Professor Strachan's contribution to research and professional practice was recognised by the University when he was awarded the titles of Senior Lecturer in 2003, Reader in 2006 and Professor in 2009.

Professor Strachan was subsequently appointed to the role of Strategy and Policy Group Lead at Aberdeen Business School’s Department of Management in 2010.  This role involved the management of 20 academic staff including setting strategic objectives and planning staff teaching and research activities, and staff resources. Further it involved the quality assurance of modules delivered by Strategy and Policy staff and the review and update of the portfolio of Strategy and Policy modules on offer across the University.

Professor Strachan in his subject leader role fundamentally transformed the Strategy and Policy Group to have as their core focus international strategy and management in the energy sector.    

Finally, as a core member of the strategic management team Professor Strachan played a pivotal role in the overall success of the Department of Management’s broader research, teaching and commercial portfolios. 

Research Interests

With a specific interest in energy policy, environmental planning and management, community ownership models, and the social acceptance of energy transitions, Professor Strachan has published many books, reports, journal articles and media opinion pieces on these and related topics. 

Professor Strachan is currently recruiting doctoral students in these areas and is happy to hear from potential high quality candidates.


Professor Strachan has led, project managed and been a team member on many collaborative research projects totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Examples of research and commercial projects include:

  • Technology Strategy Board and Sea Energy Plc  (Award: £150,000)
  • Horizon 2020, Research and Innovation Framework Programme (Award: 1.4m Euros)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (RES-062-23-2526) (Award: £220,000)
  • ESRC (RES-451-26-0386) (Award: £21,500)
  • UK National Industrial Symbiosis Project (Award £10,000)
  • ESRC Case Studentship
  • British Academy (conference grants)

Professional Memberships

As a founding member of the International Sustainable Development Research Society Professor Strachan served on its Executive Management Board Member for a number of years. This Society has its own suite of international journals and is the world’s leading forum for research on sustainable development.

External / Professional Roles

Professor Strachan has been invited to serve on two overseas Professorial Appointment Committees. In Iceland and Austria.

Professor Strachan was an invited member of the ESRC Peer Review College on its inception and regularly receives invitations to review for other national funding bodies around the world.

Also at UK level he has been an external examiner at various universities including the likes of the Cass Business School and University College London.

Both within the UK and beyond Professor Strachan’s policy expertise is in demand and he has for example presented to the First Minister of Scotland and her Energy Minister on the “Future of Energy”.

Professor Strachan has also been an advisor to the Cypriot government on oil and gas education and has been an expert reviewer for the old UK Government Department, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). 


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Media Coverage

In a February 2018 Onalytica survey Professor Strachan was identified in the top 100 world-wide social media influencers on the “Future of Energy”.

In April 2018 Professor Strachan was ranked #2 in the University of Bath’s “#ThinkList: Top 20 Most Influential Thinkers on Responsible Business in Social Media

Professor Strachan regularly receives invitations to write for news outlets and contribute to television and radio.

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