First Name: Paul
Surname: Stevenson
Position: Research Student
ORCID: ORCID Icon 0000-0003-2663-2703

DInfSc Thesis Title
Supporting Evidence Informed Decision Making within the NHS: A Knowledge Services Perspective.

There is a wealth of high quality research available to individuals which would help them make decisions. However, within the NHS there is a failure to routinely integrate research use into the decision making process. Because of this the outcomes of decisions do not make the best use of resources and do not provide patients with optimal healthcare. There is a sizable body of theoretical knowledge detailing various methods to encourage the use of research, but there is no consensus on how this can best be achieved.

This research project uses an action research methodology, collecting qualitative data through semi-structured interview and observed scenario work. The research examines different methods of presenting, disseminating and packaging information to facilitate uptake and integration into the decision making process. Using this information the research project developed and implemented two interventions which have the potential to increase research use as part of the decision making process and facilitate evidence based decision making.

By identifying the generic information behaviours of this group the research provides a valuable clarification to what is currently known about this subject. It also provides guidance and practical working solutions that will facilitate high quality decision making within NHS and other healthcare organisations.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Laura Muir

Paul is studying for his DInfSci part time.