Paul Spurr
First Name: Paul
Surname: Spurr
Position: External Lecturer
Telephone: Not Available
Email: Not Available

Academic Background

  • BSc Hons Physics

Professional Background

Paul Spurr is an external consultant for RGU. Prior to joining RGU, Paul was a Petroleum Engineer [PE] of 30 years experience with BP.

He started his career at what was then the world renowned BP Research Centre at Sunbury-on-Thames. He did research on the rheology of fluids, reservoir core analysis and Enhanced Oil Recovery [EOR/IOR].He then converted to be a PE, working for most of his time on the North Sea Oilfields, originally performing reservoir surveillance work on the new Magnus field. Following this he moved onshore to work on wells at the Wytch Farm oilfield in England. Here he ran open hole & cased hole logging, well service work and what was then cutting edge TCP perforating.

There followed a move back to the North Sea, this time as a Production Engineer. Here Paul pioneered the use of hydrocyclones for produced water clean-up on Forties and updated the hydrocarbon accounting process. He then moved to work on the novel Harding field, BP's first venture into heavy oil in the North Sea. Paul ran the production team and was in charge of tanker scheduling & loading, process engineering, production chemistry, the offshore lab & hydrocarbon accounting. He was also the point of contact for liaison with the DTI [BERR] on various consents.

Paul had a sojourn to be a global auditor for 18 months. Here he investigated a wide range of issues including safety, security, reserves bookings, project economics & management, & provisioning for decommissioning. Finally, at what was to be his last placement with BP, Paul returned to Wytch Farm. This time he was Project Manager for developing a new oilfield in the sensitive south of England, reinstating seawater injection to an old oilfield and assessing that field for BP's LoSal TM EOR technique.

Paul holds a First Class Honours Degree in Physics and this subject is still his passion.

Teaching Interests

Paul is a distance learning tutor for  the Production Operations MSc module.