Jill Smith
First Name: Jill
Surname: Smith
Position: Applications Supervisor
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263008

Duties and Responsibilities

Jill Smith is an Applications Supervisor teaching Communication, Marketing and Media. She is involved with the delivery and development of student teaching within the undergraduate Hospitality &Tourism Management Programme. She is Head of Year 1 and 2 and responsible for monitoring and supporting students within the HTM programme.

Teaching lies in the area of Food & Beverage, practical applications and Professional Communication Skills. She is also involved with liaising, monitoring and developing with external bodies and industry representatives to facilitate off site visits/field trips, Food & Beverage industrial experience, workshops and guest speakers. 

As a Placement Supervisor she is involved with maintaining supervision and visiting of students during their period of work experience.

Academic Background

Jill started her career as a Catering Technician, qualified as a Chef and has diverse experience of working in the hospitality industry including: Contract Catering, Institutional Catering, Hotels and Restaurants. From there she joined Robert Gordon University as a Food and Beverage Instructor progressing to an Applications Supervisor whilst she continued her studies for a BA (Hons) Management Degree.