Fiona Smith
Title: Dr
First Name: Fiona
Surname: Smith
Position: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263938

Duties and Responsibilities

Dr Fiona Smith is a senior lecturer in Communication, Marketing and Media and course leader for the BA Hons Public Relations and BA Hons Media course. She teaches in the areas of Media Semiotics and Discourse; Postmodern Culture; Media Industries; Cinema and Society, Visual Culture and Design.

Academic Background

Fiona received her PhD in 1996 from Robert Gordon University and her study examined the ways in which the environment is mediated and constructed by the press in Scotland. She obtained her degree in librarianship and information science in 1992 from Robert Gordon University and also has a Certificate in Tertiary Level Teaching.

She previously worked as an academic researcher and contributed to a significant body of work in the information science field. In 2002, she spent a year at University of Aberdeen exploring the applications of technology to learning environments in higher education and returned to Robert Gordon University in 2003 to teach and research in communication and cultural studies.

Research Interests

Her research interests are in the following areas:

  • Postmodern theory;
  • Fan culture and audience studies;
  • Online retrophile communities;
  • Ways people engage with the past;
  • The role of the media in the construction of memory.

PhD Supervision
Fiona is currently part of the supervisory teams for a number of PhD students in the school and she welcomes any PhD applications related to the areas of cultural theory, memory, fan communities and the mediation and consumption of the past. Additionally, she has expertise in the areas of journalism theory and media (specifically environmental) discourse.


Recent Work
After having worked for some time in the fields of journalism and information science, Fiona's most recent work is within the broader discipline of communication and cultural studies. More specifically, in the ways in which people use the past to construct and reconstruct identities.

A Sense of Belonging: examining discourses of individuality within online retro-communities. Paper presented at SMCA conference, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, December 2008.

Negotiating Identity through Construction of the Past. Paper presented to MECCSA, University of Sussex, December 2003.

Previous Work
(Published under Campbell)

The Construction of Environmental News: A Study of Scottish Journalism. Aldershot: Ashgate, 1999.

Papers in Serials
The Journalistic Construction of News: Information Gathering. New Library World 98 (113) 1997, pp.60-63.

The Analysis of Environmental Information: A Study of News. New Library World, 96 (1124), 1995, pp. 32-33.

(with Barford, J. and Hannabuss, S.) Intellectual Convergence in a Mass Communication Course for Librarians and Publishers. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 27 (2) June, 1995, pp.67-76.

Conference Papers
The Analysis of Environmental Information: A Study of the Dissemination, Mediation and Interpretation of News in Communication and Information in Context: Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science, Newfoundland, Canada, June, 1997.

The Transference of Environmental Information with Reference to Scottish Newspapers. Paper presented to Library and Information Research Group, December 1993.

Additional Research Publications
(with Farmer, J.) Identifying the transferable skills of information professionals through mentoring. Education for Information.(with Farmer, J.) Challenges of career progression for information professionals. Library Management, 19 (5) 1998.

(with Farmer, J.) Career advancement challenges facing information professionals. Personnel, Training and Education, 14 (3), 1997.

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