First Name: Ishwar
Surname: Singh
Position: Research Student

PhD Thesis Title
Prosecuting information infrastructure criminals: Beyond borders

This research will specially focus on the issue of extradite provisions within Information infrastructure criminals and further proceed further to invite attention of the legislators to agree on a universal framework to prevent criminals from committing crime against safe environment to use internet worldwide. Technology inventions had made it difficult for legislators to update their laws in accordance with the electronic machines used within information infrastructure.

The most important challenge is to prosecute information infrastructure criminals due to lack of laws within the territory where these criminals locate. The jurisdiction, any extradition treaties or bilateral agreements between states are the factors which play a measure role to prosecute cyber criminals. Extradition treaties, bilateral agreements and protocols between states/countries determine jurisdictional issues for information infrastructure crime. A real challenge to meet is harmonisation of these interstate laws which govern jurisdictional issues and reach on a common platform to prosecute cyber criminals who may be located in a jurisdiction with no cyber laws.

An outcome from the interpretations around the globe has developed an initial framework for guidance to prosecute information infrastructure criminals. Our legislators tend to follow these precedents to enhance laws to prevent criminals from committing crime. The present research will focus on the common framework for the prosecution authorities to adopt provisions which have been reflected out of precedents and determinations available through interpretations around the globe. Thus the research will present an outcome that will be a further step to continue efforts towards harmonisation of uniform information infrastructure laws around the globe.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Sarah Christie

Ishwar is studying for his PhD part time.