First Name: Hebah
Surname: Shalhoob
Position: Research Student

PhD Thesis Title
A Comparative Analysis of Risk-Return Characteristics Between Sakuk (Islamic Bonds) and Conventional Bonds

Islamic Finance has been growing rapidly over the last thirty years, with the aim of satisfying the financial needs of the people everywhere, at all times, without falling into usury.  In the early eighties, Sukuk obtained recognition from several financial experts as an investment instrument comparable to the conventional bonds. But there are many challenges faced by this industry, which issued by financial institutions, and grew rapidly over the past ten years.

The study aims to compare and analyse the differences between Sukuk and conventional bonds in terms of the risks and return characteristics.  The study attempts to clarify the full picture of Sukuk from the theoretical perspective side. By evaluating the economic differences and similarities between Sukuk and conventional bonds and suggested solutions may become apparent to correct any defect or suspicions raised about the application of Sukuk to the provisions of Islamic law in line with the requirements of the times. In addition, the study will provide useful information to the various groups of stakeholders who have an interest directly or indirectly in Sukuk.

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Farooq Ahmad

Hebah is studying for her PhD full time.