Brian Scroggie
Title: Mr
First Name: Brian
Surname: Scroggie
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263822

Duties and Responsibilities

Brian Scroggie is a lecturer at Aberdeen Business School specialising in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of Treasury, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets and in supervision of MSc and PhD students in related areas of study. 

Teaching duties for Economics 1 Tutorials; Supervising theses at undergraduate, M Sc and Ph D level; Ad hoc classes in Business Planning, Cash Flow Forecasting and Reading the Financial Press to undergraduate and postgraduate students

Academic Background

Brian graduated from Aberdeen University in 1968 with an Honours degree in Economics. He was then employed as Foreign Currency and Money Market Economist by leading UK Commercial Banking Group, working in London and Amsterdam. He joined the Aberdeen Business School in 1974 as undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer in Economics.

Brian then became an examiner, Summer School presenter, journal contributor and student tutor for Association of Corporate Treasurers in 1986 and gained the qualification of Member of Corporate Treasurers (MCT) in 1991. He also has a tertiary teaching qualification from the Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTM).

Research Interests

Financial Markets, Banking and Treasury

Current Research

Financial Markets, Banking and Treasury

Professional Memberships

Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers; MCT qualification.

Member of the Institute for Higher Learning; ILTM qualification

Media Coverage

Contributions to TV, Radio and Press