Lucia Ruggerone
Title: Dr
First Name: Lucia
Surname: Ruggerone
Position: Lecturer in Sociology
Telephone: 01224 263206

Academic Background

  • Laurea (Milan, Italy)
  • PhD (Milan)

Research Interests

  • Gender and culture
  • Sociology of the body
  • Microsociology and qualitative methods


  • Gender, Culture and Society (SS1016)
  • Theorising Social Life (SS2036)
  • Sociology of Identity, Difference and Deviance (SS1006)
  • Violence, Crime and Conflict (SS3044)
  • Qualitative Research methods (SS3026)

PhD Supervision

Usually in the areas of research interests, namely gender, culture, microsociology and phenomenological sociology

Journal Activities

  • Poetics (reviewer)
  • Symbolic Interaction (reviewer)
  • Studi di Sociologia (Board Member)


Selected Articles and Book Chapters:

Ruggerone L., (2013), Science and Life-World: Husserl, Schutz, Garfinkel, in Human Studies, 36, 2, pp.179-197.

Ruggerone L. (2006), The simulated (fictitious) body: The Production of Women’s Images in Fashion Photography, in Poetics, 34,6, pp.354-369.

Ruggerone L. (2010), Le immagini nelle scienze sociali: la ricerca visuale come metodo, in C. Lunghi- A. Trasforini (eds), La precarietà degli oggetti. Estetiche ordinarie in contesti di povertà, Donzelli, Roma.

Ruggerone L. (2009), Itinerari alternativi: a passeggio per le periferie milanesi, in L.Bovone- L. Ruggerone (eds), Quartieri in bilico. Periferie milanesi a confronto, Bruno Mondatori, Milano.

Ruggerone L., (2009), Bodies between genders: in search of new forms of identity, in Gonzalez A.M. and Seidler V.(eds), Gender identities in a globalized world, Humanity Books.


Ruggerone L. (2000) Parlare per vivere: linguaggio ed esperienza nell'etnometodologia, FrancoAngeli, Milano.

Ruggerone L. (2001) Al di là della moda: oggetti, storie, significati, FrancoAngeli, Milano.

Ruggerone L. – Bovone L. (eds) (2006) Che genere di moda?, FrancoAngeli, Milano

Ruggerone L.- Bovone L. (eds) (2009), Quartieri in bilico. Periferie milanesi a confronto, Bruno Mondadori, Milano.