Hamish Ross
Title: Dr
First Name: Hamish
Surname: Ross
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263909

Duties and Responsibilities

Hamish Ross is a Lecturer in the Law School. He is currently the Stage 2 Tutor (Law) and is also the module leader for undergraduate and postgraduate Construction Law courses, and undergraduate courses including Contract Law and Jurisprudence.

He is the holder of a dual practice qualification (solicitor E&W and Scotland) with main academic interests in jurisprudence, legal theory and sociology of law. He practised as a solicitor in Commercial Property Law until 1998 (Glasgow, Edinburgh and London) and, from 2002, as a professional support lawyer (Commercial Property and Land Law) for leading Scottish law firms.

Research Interests

Hamish's research interests lie in legal theory, analytical jurisprudence and sociology of law; the nature of rights and other fundamental legal concepts (including the will theory/interest theory opposition); children's rights; and the use of civil limitation laws in historical childhood abuses cases.

PhD Supervision

He is interested in supervising on all areas within his research interests, but particularly interested in applications in the following topic areas:

  • The nature of rights in general, and legal rights in particular
  • The nature and characteristics of fundamental legal concepts other than rights
  • Children’s rights


'Law as a Social Institution' (May 2001) Hart Publishing. Legal Theory Today Series. Ed. John Gardner.

'Law in an Institutional Society': academic monograph (current project, unfinished)

'Hohfeld and the Analysis of Rights' (2002). Contributed chapter to jurisprudence textbook: Chapter 13 of Jurisprudence & Legal Theory: Commentary and Materials edited by James Penner, David Schiff and Richard Nobles. Butterworth.

'Social Power and the Hohfeldian Jural Relation', Nottingham Law Journal. Vol. 10 (1), 2001.

'Hans Kelsen and the Utopia of Theoretical Purism'(2001) 12 King's College Law Journal.